Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miracle Berry Karaoke: May 2009

What Miracle Berry party would be complete without a little karaoke? In order to celebrate two very special birthdays this month, a party was thrown in the birthday girls' honor in a home off the Danforth in lively (lovely, even? At least in the spring) Toronto!

Three brave ladies sampled a miracle berry tablet (remember, some were still tentative about the safety - it's totally natural AND safe!). The result? We ran out of beer within an hour. Something about this miraculous fruit makes beer consumption taste like you're drinking Koolaid - brings back memories of childhood (only this time it makes for blurry memories). Our next experiment with mixing the miracle fruit with the nector of the gods (read: alcohol) will involve mojitos, which we are told taste divine.

Caution: eating a miracle berry tablet guarantees that you will eat more than your share of cake, pistachio nuts and 5 day old pizza from the back from of the fridge. Just ask Emma.

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