Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Eat Miracle Fruit

Okay, so you wanna throw a miracle fruit/flavor tripping party and be cool, right? Right! First, you've gotta obtain some miracle fruit. To do that, Get the Goods from a Reliable Source!

Once it's arrived safely in your mail box (yippee!), you need to know how to let your fellow miracle fruit tasters/flavor trippers know how to consume it before the fun can begin. If you decided to be conservative and consume a miracle fruit tablet, just let it dissolve on or under your tongue (don't bite & chew or it won't be effective!). Let the tablet melt in your mouth. Swish it around a little. Let it dissolve and then immediately after you can eat that lemon with furor!

If you're eating the real miracle berry/fruit, there are some steps you'll want to make sure you follow:

Before putting the miracle fruit in your mouth, cleanse your palate with some water (luke warm or cold - whatever tickles your proverbial pickle)!

The miracle fruit needs to coat your mouth in order to have an effect, so don't just quickly swallow it down. You should hold it in your mouth and swoosh it around for a little bit. Then, bite into it and make sure the sweet juices coat the inside of you mouth.

Don't eat the pit. Take it from me, it's nasty! Some frequently asked questions:

What Does Miracle Fruit Taste Like?

The surprising (at least to me) thing about eating miracle fruit is that it tastes really good. It's a tangy berry that tastes sort of like a sweetened cranberry.

Does the Miracle Fruit Take Effect Immediately?

Wait 2-5 minutes for the full effect of the miracle berry to take hold of your tongue and titillate your taste buds. Then you can dig into those lemons and pour that tobasco sauce on your tongue. Or just drink lots of beer like some of us do. ;)

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